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WORST CELEBRITY OF 2007-Britney Spears
WORST CELEBRITY OF 2008-Amy Winehouse
WORST CELEBRITY OF 2009-Perez Hilton

1. Kesha (style of the distorted)

2. Heidi Montag (new plastic barbie)

3. Lady Gaga (stupider style)

4. Lindsay Lohan (Prison Princess)

5. Katie Price (worst bride)

6. Paris Hilton (blonde&blonder)

7. Jesse James (Mr. Liar)

8. Snookie (Hello, I’m just stupid!)

9. Spencer Pratt (Mr. beard)

10. Mel Gibson (Monster)

11. Tiger Woods (Mr.Cheater)

12. Charlie Sheen (sick man)

13. George Michael (very hungry for sex)

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