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The Best Music Videos of 2010 {FINAL}

1.Rihanna – “Only girl”    WATCH

2.Rihanna – “Rude boy”   WATCH

3.Lady Gaga & Beyonce – “Telephone”   WATCH

4.Nicole Scherzinger – “Poison”    WATCH

5.Beyonce – “Why don’t you love me”    WATCH

6.Rihanna – “Rockstar 101″   WATCH

7.Usher – “There goes my baby”   WATCH

8.Michael Jackson & Akon – “Hold my hand”   WATCH

9.Christina Aguilera – “You lost me”   WATCH

10.Black eyed peas – “Imma be rocking that body”   WATCH

11.David Guetta & Kid Cudi – “Memories”   WATCH

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