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Victoria Beckham -New Hair Cut



10 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham -New Hair Cut

  1. Anita

    I am personally a huge fan of Victoria Beckham and think her new hair style looks fabulous when she had her extensions I think it just took over her whole face and didn’t do her any justice. I do still think she is far too thin and really wish she would realise that. I do wish people would remember that although she is a famous celebrity she is also a mum and wife and wish the press would stop putting her down and just let her be.
    Well done Victoria you look lovely.

  2. Tanais

    She looks like an old monkey. Ugly. Why so tanned always?? brr

  3. fredricka

    i think the hair cut looks good but i wouldnt say that it is anything special although it does look better than the extensions.

  4. yolande

    i like the cut but i don think that it is anyhting special however it does look at lot better than the extensions. leave this comment on the site please. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. lisa

    i think that it is really hot and difrent i am getting mine like this tomorow

  6. margerie

    i love her new hair cut! it really shows of her facial features i want it! bt i dnt think i will suit it! i have recently had my ears trimmed down and it went wrong and my nose has been broken several times playing rugby plus my mother tried to strangle me as a child so i still have severe scars from that

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