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505.Top 10 celebrity style by mairita (vote!!!)

10.Lea Michele (‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ Los Angeles Premiere)

Lea Michele - 'Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return' Los Angeles Premiere - 006

9.Gwen Stefani (2014 MTV Video Music Awards)

Gwen Stefani_24.08.2014_DFSDAW_006

8.Nikki Reed (Young Hollywood Awards)

Nikki Reed - 20140727 - Young Hollywood Awards - 003

7.Miranda Kerr (Kora Organics Media Call)

Miranda Kerr - Kora Organics Media Call - 002

6.Selena Gomez (Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration)

selena (5)

5.Jessica Alba (2014 MTV Movie Awards)

Jessica Alba_13.04.14_DFSDAW_006

4.Lily Aldridge (Charles James: Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala)


3.Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl premiere in New York)

er926 (3)

2.Jennifer Lopez (2014 MTV Video Music Awards)

Jennifer Lopez_24.08.2014_DFSDAW_002

1.Zoe Kravitz (Good Kill premiere at the Venice Film Festival)


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