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Nicollette Sheridan

Sexiest women Over 40!!! (2010)

1.Jennifer Lopez (41)


2. Monica Bellucci (46)


3. Halle Berry (44)


4. Cindy Crawford (44)


5. Salma Hayek (44)


6. Jennifer Aniston (41)


7. Sandra Bullock (46)


8. Sharon Stone (52)


9. Demi Moore (47)


10. Elizabeth Hurley (45)


11. Julia Roberts (43)


12. Elle MacPherson (47)


13. Teri Hatcher (45)


14. Madonna (52)


15. Courtney Cox (46)


16. Helena Christensen (41)


17. Kim Cattrall (54)


18. Julianne Moore (49)


19. Heather Locklear (49)


20. Nicollette Sheridan (46)


110 Best Bikini Bodies by celebritysnap.com

110.Tara Reid;                            109.Brooke Hogan;

31tara-reid.jpg 1brooke-hogan.jpg

108.Penelope Cruz;                    107.Kirsten Dunst;

10penelope-cruz.jpg 18kirsten-dunst.jpg

106.Jennifer L. Hewitt;               105.Demi Lovato;

87jennifer-l-hewitt.jpg 19demi-lovato.jpg

104.Heidi Klum;                        103.Ashlee Simpson;

22heidi-klum.jpg 24ashlee-simpson.jpg

102.Drew Barrymore;                 101.Selma Blair;

99drew-barrymore.jpg 63selma-blair.jpg

100.Mischa Barton;                     99.Hilary Duff;

68mischa-barton.jpg 57hilary-duff.jpg

98.Elisha Cuthbert;                     97.Mariah Carey;

73elisha-cuthbert.jpg 82mariah-carey.jpg

96.Anne Hathaway;                      95.Pamela Anderson;


94.Eva Mendes;                           93.Helena Christensen;

81eva-mendes.jpg 110helena-christensen.jpg

92.Demi Moore;                           91.Nicole Richie;

39demi-moore.jpg 106nicole-richie.jpg

90.Heather Graham;                     89.Denise Richards;

45heather-graham.jpg 4denise-richrads.jpg

88.Pink;                                      87.AnnaLynne McCord;

46pink.jpg 15annalynne-mccord.jpg

86.Naomi Watts;                         85.Cameron Diaz;

29naomi-watts.jpg 101cameron-diaz.jpg

84.Sophie Monk;                         83.Ali Landy;

37sophie-monk.jpg 25ali-landry.jpg

82.Lisa Rinna;                             81.Victoria Silvstedt;

2lisa-rinna.jpg 26victoria-silvstedt.jpg

Top 10 Hottest Cougars on TV

 Top 10 Hottest Cougars on TV WATCH HERE

Celebritysnap.com TOP 10:

1. Eva Longoria (She’s unhappily married on Desperate Housewives, but very happy in her real marriage! And wouldn’t you be if you snagged cutey—and youngen—Tony Parker of the Spurs, who is only 28? Eva is 7 whole years his senior, but she’s so cute and tiny, that we’re sure Tony is thanking his lucky stars he can call this cougar his wifey. That and her nice rack!)


2. Courtney Cox (She’s one of the hottest cougars we’ve ever seen grace the small screen, but CC is a coug in real life too! She’s married to David Arquette, who’s a young 38-year-old chap! What makes it even more interesting is that the two of them seem like polar opposites! But David is such a goofball, we bet he just keeps Court in stitches all day long.)


3. Vivica Fox (She was married for four years to Christopher Harvest, but Vivica earned her cougar wings after dating….wait for it….50 Cent in 2003! He’s a whole 10 years younger than she is, and we bet it felt more like 20 when they were together!)


4. Teri Hatcher (Hatcher has been married and divorced twice, and linked to numerous younger men like Jason Lewis and Ryan Seacrest. But Teri’s main role now is single mom to her daughter Emerson. )


5. Vanessa Williams (She’s been married twice, and now is one of the hottest cougs in Hollywood. Her second marriage was to NBA star Rick Fox, who is seven whole years younger! The marriage didn’t work out in the end, but she says they’re still “friends.” Benefits?? )


6. Kim Cattrall (She learned the ins and outs of being a super hot coug in SATC, but Kim has applied that to her own life as well! She was married three different times previously, but wised up to start dating super hot chef Alan Wyse, which was very reminiscent of Samantha and Smith. It didn’t work out, but isn’t that what flings with younger men are for?!)


7. Nicollette Sheridan (She broke up with Michael Bolton for good after being together off and on for 14 years. And most recently, she was spotted out on the town with…David Spade??? Ok, ok, it was two years ago, but we may need to school Nic on her cougar ways if that’s the kind of guy she’s rebounding with. )


8. Mary-Louise Parker (In her real life, Parker has been somewhat unlucky in love—she and Billy Crudup divorced when she was about to pop with her first child. But she’s now found happiness in much-younger singer-songwriter Charlie Mars.)


9. Mariska Hargitay (In fact, she met her husband Peter Hermann on the show, who is four years younger than she. They’ve been married since 2004, and no detective work is necessary to know what Hermann sees in his wife! )


10. Julianna Margulies (She scooped up a total hottie lawyer who happens to be 15 years younger than she is. He must be doing something right, since he knocked her up at age 41! )


TOP 101-Hollywood Best Female Abs by celebritysnap

101.Penelope Cruz; 99.Pamela Anderson;

penelope-cruz-sexy-bikini-1.jpg pamela_anderson_811257a.jpg

98.Elizabeth Hurley; 97.Kate Bosworth;

elizabeth-hurley-bikini-seychelles-2.jpg katebosworth1.jpg

96.Leighton Meester; 95.Angelina Jolie;

leighton-meester-bikini-photos_thumb1.jpg angelina-joliex98140283176849467_3.jpg

94.Tori Spelling; 93.Gabrielle Union;

tori_spelling_bikini_001.jpg gabrielle-union-11111.jpg

92.Carrie Underwood; 91.Scarlett Johasson;

carrie-underwood-bikini-beach-bahamas-09.jpg scarlett_johansson_bikini_011.jpg

90.Charlize Theron; 89.Ashley Tisdale;

charlize-theron1big0808_468×615.jpg ashley-tisdale-bikini-beauty-01.jpg

88.Lindsay Lohan; 87.Mariah Carey;

lindsay_lohan_01.jpg mariah-carey-caribean-holiday-picture6.jpg

86.Victoria Silvstedt; 85.Ali Larter;

victoria-silvstedtassbikini1lg.jpg ali_larter_nippy_bikini_008.jpg

84.Cameron Diaz; 83.Michelle Rodriguez;

cameron-diaz-bikini.jpg michelle_rodriguez76543.jpg

82.Blake Lively; 81.Karina Smirnoff;

blake-lively-bikini.jpg karina-smirnoff-uses-gyrotonics.jpg