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Category: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Celebrity of the month: November

1. Avril Lavigne (Solo artist EMA 2007)

2.Milla Jovovich (have baby girl)

3.Cate Blanchett (pregnant)

4.Ellen Pompeo (married with Chris Ivery)

5.Lindsay Lohan (arrested 84 minutes)

6.Chris Noth (Mr. Big) & girlfriend Tara Wilson (expecting baby)

7.Julianna Margulies (married with Keith Lieberthal)

8. Jay-Z (new album “American gangster”)


9.Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberley (have twins – girl&boy)

10.Celina Dion (new comeback album “Taking Chances”)

11.Jamie King (married with Kyle Newman)

12.Hulk Hogan (split)

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